I’m Nobody. Who Are You? Can We Save the World?

Paperback (b&w) : $7.99
Kindle (color) : $2.99

Hardback (color) : $29.95

In this, The Inmate’s first book ever, the most important question ever in the history mankind is asked: Can We Save the World?

We are fact checking this now…no, that’s not true. Many more important questions in the history of mankind (we would have used peoplekind) have been asked. The most important ever asked, according to numerous fact checkers, is: What’s for dinner? This is closely followed by: Did you see that? The third and fourth spots are held by: The government did what? and Why the hell did you do that?

The Inmate’s question isn’t even in the top ten. You haven’t even opened the book and already there is misinformation. You may not want to purchase this. We recommend you don’t. Watching CNN or MSNBC is a much better option. Run along now.

Paperback & Hardback : 106 Pages
Kindle : 104 Pages

Paperback Format : Black and White
Hardback & Kindle Format : Color

Size : 6″ x 9″
PB ISBN : 979-8368348124
HB ISBN : 979-8376087268
Kindle ASIN ‏: ‎B0BTXD22M4

Sample Pages

Some Opinions

“This is not a book anyone should read. I highly recommend you don’t read it. Read something really, really good….you know…..like The Great Reset.”
— Klaus Nutjob

“Whatever you do, just make sure you get vaccinated. It’s safe and effective. I promise. I like cheese.”
— Brandon Biteme

“I don’t know about these other people who didn’t like it. I liked it a lot. It has lots pictures. I like pictures. I mean I didn’t read it, I just looked at the pictures. I might read it someday. It’s probably good. When do I get paid?”
— Random Guy Down the Street

Shameless Promotion


“Yo, what?”

“Talk about the book.”

“You talk about it, I’m busy.”

“What am I supposed to say?”

“Hell, I don’t know. Have you read it?”

“Reddit? I don’t go on Reddit. I prefer Twitter.”

“Not Reddit! Have you read it. R-e-a-d. Read.”

“I don’t read. I like the cover. What’s it about?”

“I don’t know. Some shit about saving the world. Sounds kind of pretentious to me.”

“Whoa…..pretentious….5 dollar word there, Bro.”

“Bro? I’m your ‘bro’ now? Look, just say something about it.”

“Okay….ummm….hey you, buy the book. You might like it. You might hate it. If you hate it, it’s not like you spent a fortune on it. How’s that?”

“It’ll do, Bro.”

About the Author

“Wasn’t someone supposed to write something about this guy?”

“I wasn’t in the meeting, don’t look at me.”

“Somebody better write something. I think this thing is going live next week. It might be live now.”

“Just write, ‘Coming Soon.’ Then we’re done. Someone else can do it when they have time.”

Coming Soon!